Haptic Field: An Architecture of Air

Through the movement of air, a lightweight architecture emerges. Four theater spaces provide flexible space for community-based performative gatherings at various scales. These spaces operate as individual event spaces or cohesively as one space. Along the perimeter of the theater, …

Mechanical Field: An Architecture of Consumption

Through the visualization of recyclable material recovery operations, an architecture of production emerges. Material collected from the surrounding community enters the cycle of being processed, stored and then used to create modular furniture. Given the various sizes of the material

Social Field: An Architecture of Community

Through formal operations, an architecture that promotes social connection emerges. Consisting of four out-buildings and a main structure, graduate students live in a small, community-oriented residence. Programmatically, the out-buildings include: a space for reflection, an extra bedroom for visitors, an

Creative Field: An Architecture of Artistry

Through finding balance between formal operations and nature, an architecture for an artist emerges. Three separate buildings create a small compound. Programmatically the structures include: a workshop for creating work, a small gallery to display work and a small place