Creative Field: An Architecture of Artistry

Through finding balance between formal operations and nature, an architecture for an artist emerges. Three separate buildings create a small compound. Programmatically the structures include: a workshop for creating work, a small gallery to display work and a small place of residence. A reflecting pool provides a serene area for contemplation. Each of the buildings are surrounded by a small water channel. The most predominant characteristic of the project is the gabion wall system. The goal is to create a peaceful condition to create art. This is aided by the reflection of the natural elements of the project.

 The formal logical of the project includes the multiplication of square footage and the strategic positioning of outdoor and indoor furniture This logic creates implied motion. For example, the work space features one skylight, the residence provides two rooftop seating areas, the reflecting pool features three seating areas, and the gallery space features a skylight divided into four sections. Small moments such as this are utilized throughout the project. 


Completed: July 2018 Course: Arch 402 taught by Brittany Utting